Whether your flight is from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 35 minutes or London to New York in less than 8 hours, we can arrange your favorite dish from Spagos in Beverly Hills or L’Escargot in London to be on board. If it’s available you will have it with no mistakes.

We also offer an extensive gourmet menu for your review prior to flight if you do not have a restaurant preference.

Every flight at the minimum will have daily and monthly periodicals, snacks and beverages, and an assortment of music and movies for your entertainment pleasure.

If it’s your first time flying with us we look forward to meeting your needs with enthusiasm. Should you fly with us again please know that regardless of whether you might fly with a new flight crew or flight attendant a record of your previous flights will follow you advising us of your likes and dislikes. Every detail will be recorded to ensure you will not have to ask twice no matter how trivial. We at Steele Aviation learn the first time, give us a chance, we do not disappoint.

If you have flown with us before however we will have your favorite publications ready for review along with those movies you did not get a chance to watch on your last flight. We will of course have your favorite glass of wine with your meal just the way you like it as well.

All charter flights are operated on our 10 or more worldwide FAA air carrier certificate M2GA869Y. Since being issued in 1995 there has not been one violation, incident, or accident.




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