Charter Justification

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding private jet charter is the cost. For those travelers who fly regular coach, chartering your own aircraft is difficult to justify. If however, you fly business or first class, we invite you to read further.

Take for example a trip requiring you and three of your friends to be a thousand miles away for the weekend. If you were willing to endure the obstacles and aggravation associated with the airline protocol, you would spend approximately nine thousand dollars for four first class round trip tickets.

With Steele Aviation, all you have to do is drive up to the aircraft, walk on board, and take a seat. We’ll load your luggage, park your car, and have you in the air within 10 minutes all for around the same price!

All charter flights are operated on our 10 or more worldwide FAA air carrier certificate M2GA869Y. Since being issued in 1995 there has not been one violation, incident, or accident.


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