Flight Crew Qualifications

With the founder and CEO of Steele Aviation being a former corporate pilot himself, employing a new pilot is a personal decision for him. He understands the flight crew can make or break the experience.

“I remember flying with some pilots that unfortunately lacked the truly innate ability to fly a jet naturally, and subsequently were short of that complete package that makes a great pilot. It’s more than just understanding the aircraft and it’s systems; you need to feel it as an extension of your body. Some pilots have it, and some don’t. I weed them out. The FAA will not fail a pilot on a check ride if he’s rough on the controls or lands hard, and in no way does this mean he’s unsafe. But in my business being smooth, proficient, and having the ability to instill confidence is a key fundamental”.

Nicolas Steele


Of course, all our pilots are re-trained every six months and have medical reviews of the same frequency. But you can be assured we will never employ any pilot with a violation no matter how small, and background checks are obtained prior to employment. There are a lot of good pilots out there that could easily get you to and from your destination safely…

We just find the best ones.

All charter flights are operated on our 10 or more worldwide FAA air carrier certificate M2GA869Y. Since being issued in 1995 there has not been one violation, incident, or accident.




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